Thursday, March 24, 2011

The First Day, the Worst Day

Monday- first day of school week. Lost my math from last week, I have to do it again :( This makes me so angry!

9:30 - Mommy does Bible study
10:00 - starting school
12:00 - reading to Sterling
1:00 - eat lunch
2:00 - finishing reading
2:30 - playing
3:00 - "Haley, do math"
3:10 - outside
4:00 - starting math (not really)
4:40 - crying
5:00 - Daddy's home from errands, start math
5:30 - Dinner
6:00 - Finish math

Now I see how important it is to put stuff up immediately.

If you homeschool start earlier than 10:00!

My mom might have some tips: Kerrville Homeschoolers


  1. humm...lost your math homework, guess you can't say you left it on the bus! See if you lived with me you could blame it on Rudy; works for Jake! :)

    But your bright spot in your day was that you got to read to Sterling. That is so are the bestest big sister.

    love you muches.

  2. Monday was very frustrating. I am sorry you lost your work but it was a lesson learned.

    I agree that starting the day off late messes everything up.

    I love you.

  3. Haley, have you done your homework today? No brownies for you until all the math is done!


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