Thursday, December 18, 2008

kurt and lorena are missionaries

kurt and lorena are missionaries from our church. they drink this tea called mate (the e sounds like a long A). I drank some and Haven did too. I gave a picture to lorena. We ate chili and corn bread and we let them take home some of our fudge. we saw their argentina flag and a map. and they had a book with pictures and we signed it. here is a picture of me drinking mate.


  1. Haley you crack me up commenting on your own blog post! Kurt and Lore are wonderful people aren't they? God has really blessed our family to be able to help them do their mission work.

  2. The tea sounds yummy! Or was that the fudge? It was all gone by the time I got to your house. That's okay though since you were sharing with your new friends.
    It sounds like you have a great time with you missionary friends and you learned about their home. It is so fun to learn about other places and cultures. What would you tell someone from another part of the world about your culture and your home?
    Love you muches,

  3. sounds like you had a wonderful time and the tea sounds good. love you


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