Tuesday, December 16, 2008

paisley brithday

at paisley brithday will,jake, caleb, riley, grandma, grandpa, gigi, papa, chris, lucas, shari and brittani, park, kason, samantha, danae, richard came to the party. and we had lots of fun. me and will wrestled with jake and haven and park helped. we played pin-the-sticker on My Little Pony. we ate cake. Paisley got a dolled named Jelly Jean and a barbie with a horse. and papa and gigi got her a horse and an outfit.

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  1. Yes, that party was so much fun.

  2. Yes it was fun .i love you. haley

  3. Wow! Look at those super duper heros! You did have a lot of fun. I bet your tummy hurt from all of those giggles!
    I love it when our family comes together. It's loud and joyful!
    I love you Haley!


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