Friday, January 8, 2010

An Amazing Baby

Can you remember who the amazing baby is? Why it's my baby brother of course!

Sterling is a great baby. He is almost 10 months old. He will be 10 months old tomorrow. This is a list of things he can do at 9 months:
  1. walk around the house
  2. say mommy clearly and daddy
  3. he bounces up and down to dance
My baby brother is the cutest baby.

Haley God Bless Ye!


  1. I am so blessed!!!! You are such a little mommy to Sterling. He is one blessed little boy.

  2. Well I think your pretty amazing too! All of your siblings are really cute and you my love, are growing up to be a breathtaking beauty. But as I've stated many times, your inner beauty flows outwardly in abundance.

    I love you Haley! You brighten my day when you call. I just told Grandpa, if your having a bad day, call Haley...she always makes me smile :)

    So get to work on ling-ling...say "GRANDMA"!!!


  3. wow, nice clear picture of you and your brother. Your mom must have gotten a new camera.

  4. well I'm sorry about my daddy but anyways yes my mom got a new camera from my dad


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