Thursday, February 4, 2010

About My Dad

He is amazing, he makes money for the whole family so we can buy food for the family.

He works at home with my grandma (she's his employee. she lives in highland village.) We live in the beautiful city of Kerrville and me and my grandma live in Texas.

My dad is wonderful, he teaches us about the Bible at night.

Wonderful Dad.

Haley. God Bless yea.


  1. Wow, that dad of yours sure sounds great. I bet he love's his beautiful girl.

  2. do you have a bad memory. I happen to be your little daughter.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful story about your Daddy. He is a pretty awesome guy, but then I'm kind of partial...I mean he is my son in law. And the most amazing person to work with.
    You are very blessed to have a daddy that reads the Bible to you everyday and that he works from home so you have access to him all the time. Not many children can say that they get to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with their dad everyday. Nor can they say that they get to go for walks with him, go camping or go on a circle with him during any day of the week. You are indeed blessed! And so am I!

    Love you very muches,

  4. This is a very goodblog. You are talented for your age. You should write something about your uncle...the one who loves fishing, ice cream and has big hands.

  5. oh my uncle commented!!!
    I am going to post about you!!



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